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Summer décor ideas: Home styling you must try!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Here's a very easy way to bring some colour to your home for a super stylish summer living room!

As you know I love putting together home décor ideas featuring my range of vintage furniture. And if you’re looking for some summer décor ideas, why not give these tips a try too… 1. Choose core colours that will pop! And that mix well together 2. Layer those colours with different textures and fabrics 3. Don't be afraid on adding footstools and even armchairs with colour! Colour doesn't just have to be for accessories.

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Missing that pop of colour in your home? Here's the beautiful accessories and furnishing that are featured from “The Design Yard” when dressing the "Fantasia" 1940s beautility cabinet. • Chair - “Mind the Gap” Louis Deconstructed Chair (Woodstock Linen) £1345 • Footstool - “Mind the Gap” Fez Tufted stool (Uzbek Ikat Linen) £740 • Cushions - “Mind the Gap” Eyedazzler Linen Cushion £129, Chinoiserie Velvet £169, Rhubarb Stripe Linen £129 • Light - “Gray Pants Studio” Lighting Ausi 14 Suspended Ceiling Light from £480 • Marguerite Mirror - “The Design Yard”uk £65 • Wooden candle holder old gold – tall @britishcolourstandard £25 • Gold Hare Hook - @londonornaments £18 • Paint swatches: “Josephine Munsey Wallpaper” (Beakster Blue, Smith Yellow, Red Toppings) from £2 • Fabric swatch: “Mind the Gap” Woodstock Fabrics Oregon Stripe Linen from £1

“Fantasia" 1940s Beautility Cabinet

If you also have a love for vintage cocktail cabinets and want to own truly unique furniture items that are personal to you, make sure to check out the Lady Griddlebone Vintage shop!

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