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Vintage Fashion is my Second Love

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Recently visited ‘PICKNWEIGHT’ Kilo Store in Convent Garden, during a trip to London.

The amazing array of colours, vintage props and quirky displays caught my eye, and my heart!

Beautifully tailored pieces from every era, crowded onto so many rails, it was so hard to say no.

As “Secret London” commented, ‘sustainability never looked so goddamn fly’.

The whole set up is indeed executed to hipster perfection. Its founder and CEO, Leila Mesgarzaden, knows that ‘consumers want to purchase fair and sustainable products without limiting themselves to just one style or a certain era’.

I love this move towards recycling in fashion, as well as interiors, finding sustainable style without costing the earth. What did I buy? Well you might have to wait for the next special event to see ;)

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