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Almond Blossom is an unusually elegant antique glass cabinet. It’s curved top arches and detailed base piece make it very special. It has been lovingly refinished in a neutral stone shade, with aged gold effect metallic foiling to the inner base and top, adding a glorious richness to complement the beauty of the piece. This metal foil has been given several protective coats of varnish. The back panel features a designer paper inspired by Van Gogh’s original almond blossom painting, in a contemporary pretty watermelon colour. Carved detailing has been highlighted with antique gold effect gilding waxes and some glaze.The cabinet also boasts interior lighting to enhance your display items. There are two glass shelves within.This is a very large cabinet which sits on top of its base piece. It will make a fabulous design addition to any home.


Dimensions: 113cm x 36cm and 191cm total height

Almond Blossom Antique Glass Cabinet

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