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"Ginkgo" has been inspired by the oriental Ginkgo Biloba tree, known for its distinctive fan-shaped leaves, and profound endurance, symbolising longevity. Rich metallic paper, designed by Zoffany in a “tigers eye” colour, surrounds this mid-century G Plan piece and has been given a protective coating.

The cabinet doors are hand stencilled and highly polished with a metallic bronze look plaster to continue the ginkgo theme; unique drawer fronts have been decorated with real dried and pressed ginkgo leaves, wrapped in variegated gold leaf and encased in clear resin to protect. 

A dark “midnight blue” frame sets off the designs, with the original wood interior to add warmth. The wood has been repolished with lightly scented specialist furniture salve and smells divine.


We pledge to make a donation for every piece of furniture we sell to Woodland Trust who have pledged to plant 50 million trees across the UK by 2025 to help tackle climate change.

Ginkgo - Bespoke G Plan Cabinet

  • 77cm x 41cm and 121cm high

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