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Period Edwardian Cabinet meets 21st-century luxury restyling.


“Old Gold” is a superb example of an Edwardian display cabinet that simply radiates elegance and luxury. It would make a glorious statement piece to your interior space.

The completely unique design is inspired to showcase the glamour of Scottish designers, Timorous Beasties, Fresco Old Gold luxury paper: a distinctive blend of organic shapes and rich metallic gold, bronzes and browns. This is stunningly complemented with gold coloured metallic leafing, gilding waxes, metallic foils and a dark tinted mirror to add an illusion of immense depth. This tall cabinet sits upon beautifully styled Queen Anne legs, framed with a classic black paint and wax finish.

“Old Gold” is absolutely perfect for storing your dining or family room essentials or showcasing your collectibles. It could also be used as a drinks cabinet for displaying bottles and glasses. Its dimmable mains lighting to both the upper and lower sections allow for versatility in being able to create a cosy evening vibe, whilst ensuring good lighting for everyday use.

Wherever you place it and however you use it, this completely unique and brilliantly reimagined cabinet will add some classy contemporary chic to any interior, and will no doubt give you and your family and friends many years of pleasure to come.



  • Edwardian period glass display cabinet
  • Two glass shelves and tinted mirror base
  • Original lock and key
  • Lower storage area
  • LED dimmable mains lighting
  • Sustainable furniture
  • Refurbished to a very high standard
  • Dimensions: 86cm x 31cm and 175cm high



Vintage Cabinet Old Gold

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