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Bring a touch of Venice, Florence or Rome into your home with this stunning cabinet


“Venezia” is a display cabinet that has everything you need - including beauty – and shows what can be done with a simple shape and an inspirational idea, in the hands of a talented Furniture Artist.


Compact and bijou it may be, but it packs a BIG punch when it comes to impact. 

The clean lines of the main body sit above 4 Queen Anne legs, with the softest of curves, whilst 3 of the 4 sides are made of glass, which will bring lots of light to whatever you decide to display inside.


The frame has been painted in a lovely shade of sky blue, and the base lined with a quirky harlequin design paper.

So far, so “Renaissance Italy”. But what sets this piece apart from every other piece, is the stunning Madonna and Child decoupage design to the back panel. It’s a clever idea that works brilliantly here.  It’s creative, imaginative, and fun, with just a touch of kitsch.  The perfect addition to an interior that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the perfect storage solution for your glassware. 

This stunning cabinet is just waiting for you to fill it.



  • Vintage glass display cabinet with glass shelf
  • Refurbished to a very high standard
  • Sustainable furniture
  • Dimensions: Total height 117cm x width 49 cm x depth 37cm (cabinet height excluding legs 69cm)


Other information

My prices include delivery to most mainline UK addresses/postcodes, but if you are unsure, please get in touch.

These pieces are sold as Vintage, refurbished items. As such I have made every attempt to bring them back to their former glory without detracting from, or changing the essence of, the piece.  In some cases, there may be some small signs of its previous life, which adds to its charm and authenticity, but please be assured all pieces are sold structurally sound and ready for their new home.

If you would like further pictures, details, history, or any other information then please make contact.

I would be delighted to provide insight into my processes and materials or any other helpful information.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss how we can collaborate on another project you may have in mind please feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail or messaging from this site.

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Vintage glass cabinet “Venezia”

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