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How to try the curved furniture trend: Home décor ideas

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We love the curved furniture trend! This is what happened when we tried it out with our Fanfare art deco cocktail cabinet!

The design trend for curves in furniture has not only survived the pandemic but has continued to thrive. Furniture and decor with softer edges can complement more angled pieces whilst giving a softer, almost romantic feel to any room. Curvaceous forms have an immediate empathy with the organic shapes found in nature, and bring a welcome cocooning comfort to our interiors. Rounded furniture is not a new style, and some of the finest examples are found in vintage pieces as well as contemporary design: both effortlessly blend together in this cosy mood board, inspired by my “Fanfare”, an art deco cocktail cabinet, alongside sumptuous picks from the Design Yard homeward collections.

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Why not check it out, along with all the featured products available from “The Design Yard”?

Chair – “Mind the Gap” Louis Deconstructed Chair (Jingo) £1345 Lamp – “Mind the Gap” Table lamp base Ulpia £259 and “Mind the Gap” cone lampshade (Flourish Sienna) from £160 Blue Floral Ceramic Jug (The Design Yard UK) £25 Salcombe Gin – Seamist Liquid Garnish £22 Paint swatches: “Josephine Munsey Wallpaper” (Beakster Blue, Painswick Plaster, Standish Clay) from £2 Fabrics swatches: Liberty Fabrics: Hera Feather Vintage Velvet (pewter), Ianthe Bloom Multi Ladbroke Linen (lapis) Paper swatches: “Mind the Gap” Chinoiserie Coconut Wallpaper, Ceramic Wonders and The Swan Wallpaper White £195 each

What’s your living room decor style?!

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